Urinary tract infection | urinary bladder | tumbler – madicine

Introduction:  Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common infection in women. It can occur in the urinary bladder, urethra, or kidneys. Symptoms of UTI include pain and pressure in the urinary tract, as well as cloudy urine and/or a strong smell. Urinary tract infection Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are infections of the urinary tract. The most common areas… Read More »

severe acute respiratory syndrome :- full information

Introduction:  Severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars) is a respiratory illness that can cause fever, cough, and shortness of breath. It is caused by a virus and is spread through contact with respiratory secretions. What is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome? The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was a deadly disease that began in southern China in late 2002 and… Read More »

kidney transplant full information

Introduction:  Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure that moves one or both of a person’s kidneys from one body to another. It is a common procedure used to treat end-stage renal disease. Kidney transplant The kidneys are the primary filtering organs of the body. The kidneys are responsible for removing waste from the blood, regulating the blood’s acidity,… Read More »

Dipression | depression All types information

Introduction:  Depression is a mental disorder that can cause a person to feel sad, hopeless, and worthless. It can also lead to weight gain and lack of interest in activities that were once enjoyed. Depression meaning The word ‘dipression’ is a combination of ‘direction’ and ‘depression’. It refers to the state of being pulled in a particular direction.… Read More »

Shoulder pain in upper arm leaving not able to use left arm

Introduction:  Millions of people suffer from shoulder pain. This pain can be caused by a number of factors, including injury and illness. In some cases, however, the pain can be traced back to an area outside of the shoulder joint. This is often the case with arm pain. What is Arm Pain? Arm pain is the most common… Read More »

chewable ibuprofen | Chewable tablets

Introduction:  Ibuprofen is a medication used to treat pain and inflammation. It is available in many different forms, including chewable tablets. What are Ibuprofen Chewable Tablets? Ibuprofen is a type of medication known as an analgesic, or painkiller. Ibuprofen is the brand name for a group of medications called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Ibuprofen works by reducing levels… Read More »

epilepsy-symptoms , causes , treatment

Introduction: There are two types of epilepsy: focal and generalized. Focal epilepsy is caused by a problem with the brain tissue that controls one part of the body, such as the muscles or nerves. Generalized epilepsy is caused by a problem with the brain tissue that controls many parts of the body. What are the Symptoms of Epilepsy?… Read More »

Medical insurance

Introduction:  Millions of people are covered under their employers’ medical insurance plans. However, there are some questions that often arise about this type of coverage. This article will answer some of the most common questions about medical insurance. Cataracts are a common eye disorder that can cause a number of problems, including vision loss and dependency on glasses… Read More »

health care plans

Introduction:  Millions of people are covered by employer-sponsored healthcare plans. While most of these plans are designed to provide benefits to employees and their families, there are a few things that every employee should know. This article will provide an overview of healthcare planning for employees. What is Health Care? The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of… Read More »

Madical imaging behavior madicine

Introduction:  Imaging is a process of creating images of the body to diagnose and treat medical problems. It is a very important field of medicine. Medical imaging devices are used to create images of the body in different ways. What is Medical Imaging? What is Madical Imaging? The term “macular imaging” refers to a type of noninvasive imaging… Read More »